Where did "Mingebag" come from?

I’ve been wondering this. Was it just some random name that Garry chose as a default or is there some inside joke/story behind it?

Minge is very british slang for pubic hair/vulva.

So it’s like, cuntbag. :v:

I always thought it was another phrase for a toiletry bag.

I read some books and I found its a type of pest similar or the same as a mosquito.

I think it’s because in earlier versions of Garry’s Mod the default name you had was “Mingebag”, probably these guys coulnd’t be arsed to change the name, and much of them annoyed people and were assholes.

The word mingebag esisted already, but garry decided to make the default name Mingebag, and since the newbie people used to annoy others, even if the default name thing isn’t there anymore, they call them mingebag. Also, those who use the kleiner model are associated with minges for the same reason

From a TV-Show.



^---------- Yup

Well, the reason people are called “mingebag’s” is because in Garrysmod, your default name was “Mingebag”. Usually, people who just wanted to screw around, left their name as it is.

He was asking about the origins of the name, which was given above.

If I remember correctly, someone managed to crash a Gmod server using the only tool available back then, the rope. Garry called this person a “mingebag” and I suppose it caught on after that.

I thought it was British talk.



In the old times of gmods beggining of age and shit you had the default name of Mingebag.

In the old old old garrysmod description, there was a suggestion at how you could pose Keiner licking Alyx’s minge.

I think it was pre-v4, back when the forums were all green and yellow.

And for some reason I totally remember that.

The question was why

When was the first version of gmod relased?

The first thing of Mingebag showed in Garrysmod 5… If thats what your asking.