where did my char from webbrowser go?

so is there anyway to retrieve my char from the webbrowser cuz it seems i have another one trough steam but he cant enter my house.
plz help :slight_smile:

There’s no way to do that.

hmm so there is no way to enter my house and gather my stuff instead of leveling up my steam character
and destroying my own house to get my own stuff?

Log onto both at the same time?

Login on at both at the sametime works, but it gives lag, tho it does work. 1 on steam and the other on browser, usually works better with dual monitors

Um, how is one supposed to log onto their web browser character if the web browser application was removed by Garry?

Just leave the door open? :downs:

Its a reason why it got removed, and thereby u wont be able to:P there is to many hackers taking advantage of it

I’m certain they’ll do a wipe of all of the servers once the move to Steam is complete. So it won’t matter in the end.