Where did my gamemodes folder go?

Well to start this off I had been having problems with Garry’s Mod recently where it would crash way to much to be normal. So, thinking it’s a build up of unwanted models and addons, I decided to re-install Gmod. It’s always good to get a fresh start, so I deleted Garry’s Mod from my computer, saving what addons I knew worked. So when the time came to put them back in, I came to the DarkRP gamemode I was going to add into the gamemodes folder as I usually do, only to find out that it has vanished. I started up the game pre-hand before adding addons, and it didn’t show up. Even started a single player match. I re-installed it again, and did the same thing, still no gamemodes folder. So… that brings me to the question:

Where did my gamemodes folder go?

well you can always create a gamemodes folder, try that first

So yes, I made the folder in the garrysmod/garrysmod directory, and put DarkRP in it. Although, when I started up the game it wouldn’t show up as a gamemode in singleplayer nor Create Multiplayer. I could be wrong but wasn’t there more folders and files in the gamemodes folder? Like, sanbox, fretta…
I still want to know why it just disappeared? Update maybe?

Same problem

gamemode selection is broken in derma atm. use changelevel.