Where did naval go?

Ever since the gmod update the SGC clan’s Naval warfare server hasn’t been there.

Does anyone know if it is anywhere? And does anyone want to make a new better version of the gamemode? They didnt want to share it and had a crappy server for most of the time but it had improved recently.

It shouldn’t be very hard if you can make a simple gamemode and it might make it more fun to change it a little bit.

“where did naval go?” 0.o what is seen cannot be be unseen and lets leave it at that

It’s up. Just every so often we update the server with admin mods.

Oh cool is there any other updates apart from the admin tools and it being called naval play classic in the gamemode tab now? Also I think it would be a good idea if somebody updated the map. I remember like 2 years ago or something (probably not) The guy was saying that he was making a map and made the current one, but could we try and make it a bit more interesting? I mean having islands you capture as strategic points would be fun, then people wouldnt need to attack the port and could try to take control of the islands if people are just oil getting all this oil. It would make the server alot more “warfare” life.

We’re still bugging Jonty about making a new map. He is somewhat taking his dandy time :rolleyes:
Also, bug 50. We barley have any lua coding going through anymore.