Where did RD2 svn go?

I have searched all day after a working version of RD2, LS2 and tiberium harvesting! My version doesn’t work (but it made me get “Bad Coder” if you know what i mean). I usually don’t need help and if I do, I just ask my brother or something. But the RD2 svn link doesn’t work, the zip doesn’t work and RD3 isn’t compatible with tiberium harvesting! If anyone have an old zip file or something with RD2 or LS2, plz upload it somewhere and post the link here.

Page title says SVN, but there is a download on the Forum-link.

Yes, but i have downloaded it but it still won’t work… I need a newer version and to get that i ave to update rd2 with svn. I thinks thats the case, cuz the lua errors says that it’s something wrong with rd2 (that some entities isn’t there). The ls2 link doesn’t work either so i’m more or less fucked…

SB2 and co. has been put into one single SVN Link. The SVN link is on my tutorial. http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=688324

Thx for link , i really liked your tutorial :smiley: