Where did the large furnace and the high wooden exterior wall go?

Hey guys,
Since the last update to the game made yesterday 5th of november I can’t see in my crafting inventory these items.
I already had the bps for them and I still maintain the other bps so it has to be something made exclusively to these two.

I can imagine the large furnace has been disabled temporarily for this bug maybe?

Thank you in advanced for any further information :)

Noticed this too. The BP/Item is still in game, I can see it from the items menu but I didn’t check if it’s still revealable or even part of the drop tables anymore. All players lost the furnace even though they had it before the wipe on my server. Might just be the shuffling Garry did with assets though?

They have changed the names… for example the old High External wood Gate was “gates.external.high” but now if I use it I give the High External Stone Gate, same for the big furnace, now the old “large.furnace” does not exist more.

So what your saying is they are still available just programmed under different names and that’s why they don’t appear for people taut had the BP. As long as you can still find a BP or there’s a chance of uncovering one from BP pages then that’s fine but if the large furnace is GONE that would suck I hate having to manage a bunch of small ones

From the Dev Blog

Asset Organisation

Our shit was everywhere. We had a sounds folder, a models folder, a textures folder, a prefabs folder, an entities folder, an items folder, an icons folder. That sounds pretty organised, but it’s a fucking nightmare. Want to add a new entity? Easy, create the item, put it in the items folder, create the entity prefab, in the entities folder, the entity code goes in the scripts folder, sounds clips go in sound clips, sound definitions go in sound definitions, item icon goes in the icons folder. Grr.

So I reorganised everything. Now if you want to add a weapon it goes in the Prefabs/Weapons// folder. Everything the weapon needs goes in that folder. So if you want to delete that weapon, you delete the folder. If you want to find a weapon’s item, it’s in that folder.

This doesn’t affect you at all, but it affects modders. So if you have a server mod and you’re wondering why everything is broke, it’s probably because a prefab it’s looking for has changed location. Sorry.

Wow sounds like they didn’t learn a fucking thing from legacy now we just wait for them to throw their hands in the air and start over again because the code is just not manageable

They’re available, just need to be re-learn the BP.