Where did the word "Mingebag" come from?

I’ve played gmod 9, and I know that it’s the default player name. Is it just something that Garry made up, and it evolved into what it means today, or am I missing out on something?

I believe it’s derivative of “douchebag” and “minge.” Just a thought.


Not to be a n00b, but does “minge” have a connotation outside of gmod?

because Ive only heard it used there…

Since it’s the default name, people think players with that name are new to the game and therefore they’re noobs. But it’s not default in gmod10 anymore.

I looked it up on Google and only found Garrysmod references.

minge means vagina.


Well thanks for telling me that…

I’m guessing that’s also why the name’s related to the Dr. Kleiner player model, considering that’s the default as well.


so, mingebag=douchebag

or that’s what some guy said about 2 years ago

No it doesn’t.
Minges mean vaginal pubes.

same difference really

vaginabag ?.. :ms:

Pubic hair doesn’t grow on or in the vagina.

It grows around?

No. It grows on the labia majora. The word vagina refers to the opening in the vaginal vestibule.

It’s still vaginal. Don’t ask me how I know this.

It’s not.

Trust me on this one, dear.

ITT: Vagina experts

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Woah, some people have it completely wrong.

It was probably a joke by Garry, way before the mod was this popular, because “Mingebag” was, as was said, the default name for new players. As was the Kleiner model. Over time, and mostly in Gmod 9, new players had such a bad reputation that sometimes when a player called “Mingebag” joined he was perma-banned outright.

And, since Minge does mean hair down there, it translates to “A bag of pubic hair”.

In Gmod 10, probably because the mod had huge publicity at that point, and because it was integrated with Steam better, the default name became your steam display name by default.

And then there’s the story of the dreaded Kleiner T-pose. . .


And yes, I know this because I’m an 05’er :smug: