Where did TNB forums go?

The site 404’d. Is this just me, or is the site now dead one day after I registered? Why must everything I touch die?

Stan DDos’d it aswell as the servers >_>

FFFFFUUUUUUU!!! (An understatement, to say the least.)

I mean, did he do it again? Because I heard about it awhile back, but it worked fine until today.

And more to the point ,where can I get the model packs now?

He did it because he has no life.

Don’t worry, it’ll be up again soon; you can get the packs then.

poor TnB.

I actually have no idea why most of FP hate TnB.

TnB will be back later today most probably.

because tnb bring their drama stories on FP.

The front page of this forum has ten threads with complaints about DarkRP at the time of this posting.
The front page of this forum has fourty threads that contain a complaint about ANY RP, at the time of this posting.
There are only two threads directly related to TnB in the first five pages of this forum. One of which was locked due to excessive flaming on the part of FP.

Hypocritical much?

I think you don’t understand. The facepunch members dislike when TnB bring their little war over here (the recent one was with ReichRP if I recall). THAT is the matter.

DarkRP is just common now.

Individual communities can deal with their own drama. It’s the nature of GMod roleplay, mainly due to the fact that it consists mainly of 12 year olds, to drag it into the public eye.

Woot! They’re fucking dead! Praise the lord… Oh wait they were only hacked… Fuck.

Also, we hate TnB mostly for the fact they come into Facepunch crying about how ‘kuromeku’ or ‘Dark RP’ is ruining roleplay and hacking their server… Then when we don’t have any form of sympathy for them they take it the wrong way ,and bitch that were just minges who can’t roleplay for jack shit ,and then they’ll take it too a war path ,and begin…

  1. A flame war
  2. A hacking/game biological war
  3. An extermination/crucifixion of Dark RP…

I know I’m being a bit off ,and sorta a prick but I hate it when TnB kids come too this forum asking random ass questions about TnB and the first few responses on the page is from people who act like bots to TnB by saying anyone who touches TnB in the wrong way has no life. If that’s not the case then it’s usually the response, ---- RP is trying to attack us! Send ‘Leet Haxor ----’ too destroy their shitty gamemode. And if that’s not the case, then we got TnB community players on Facepunch attempting to make a propaganda message against the community that TnB admins are calling evil or bad.

Fuck… I sound like some form of conspirator…

And nothing of… oh, it will be back later.

So far TnB is the only RP community that hasn’t degenerated into a horde of fags and minges. I’m quite annoyed it’s down because it’s all I use Gmod for anymore (build bores me).
I used to play on relentless cider server, where it used to be fun and enjoyable, but now it’s full of 7 year olds and power mad admins cough HERSCHEL cough

Pffft! Haha… Oh my god you better be fucking kidding me. Oh wait your not… Hate to break it to yah, TnB has the worst adminstrators and is full of little cocky twelve year olds who think just because their CP or Rebel their better then the world.

Have to disagree, bro. I’ve generally found most of the administrators, with a few exceptions, to be decent, responsible people. One of my favourite communities, just because in my (albeit limited) experience, I’ve found it to be the biggest, with the best roleplay.

edit : nevermind

Dear god let the tread die. Disagreements, particularly about roleplay on facepunch degenerate very quickly into flame wars that aren’t really good for anyone.

I like reading them


Sorry to use this age - old reply, but…
Been on darkRP lately?
I’ve not met a minge on TnB so far

You must have to be joking… TnB is full of minges.