Where did you guys get the Elexis Sinclaire Model/ Skin?

Does anyone know where I can find the model of this chick. She’s the evil lady from the SiN games: SiN and SiN Episodes: Emergence. I know their are a few models out there but I can’t seem to find them! XD

If you know where the original models for the nude, clothed, or bikini versions of Elexis, please post the name and the link below.

Thank You!

P.S. - If their are updated versions, please post them along with the originals!

I also posted this on the Skin/Models Forum.

Search there.

Zero results!!! :frowning:

search elexis.

Wow…I think I…spelled it wrong this whole time!!! WTF! Thanks Vman… All I did was spel wrong… (that was on purpose. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow you took time to make a thread asking where to find a model when you could have had it by just searching with google or garry’s mod.org?

He did but misspelled.

Hold up a sec… Do you need Gmod to use the skins? I’m pretty sure you don’t. Anyway, how can I download the skin?! I tried to link it to my Steam account and it went freaky!

You need Gmod 10, it’s only 9$, go and buy it.

Um yes you need gmod to use them. that’s why the site is called garry’s mod.org, since you seem to not have it no wonder it doesn’t work with your steam. Buy Gmod

Awww…Can someone send me and download link for this pack?


That’s all I want…for Christmas… lolz. But seriously, please?

I smell pirate, or lazy-ness
you can’t just register!?

Okay, well first off. I’m not a pirate. Secondly, I’m AM lazy, thank ya’ very much. And thirdly, I do have a Steam account with no Gmod. So, in conclusion, all I want are those skins and that’s it. And I promise I will stop bugging you all. :wink:

Wait if you don’t have Garry’s Mod, why do you want these skins? I smell a pirate here, I won’t give you anything, sorry pal.

Wait, hold up. What would I pirate…? And how?


And if you really want to verify, I do have a steam account and we can chat if you want… I have bought CS:S, and CS:CZ collection. So, I am pretty legit.

I’ve come up with a detailed plan to solve your dilemma.

  1. Cough up ten bucks
  2. Buy Gmod

Since he has CSS, it’s possible he just wants to make a CSS playermodel out of it.

Sure sure, and what purpose would that serve?

Blow $10 out your ass.