Where do I download this?

Well, I know he is giving out beta keys, but like, where is the actual download? I can’t seem to find it… Does anybody know where?

Go to playrust.com and sign up with your code, then hit play now.

i believe he means, is the game itself downloadable as in not web based but a program. in that case. No. you cannot download a web based game all the needed files are held server side on The Rust server(s). you do download some files on launch of the game but there temp files.

So when can I play test it? Everytime I check, it just states “no one is playing”… I am a long term gamer, started with Pong brothers n sisters, played D&D when it was brand new, been there, seen it all… perhaps my exp could be of some use here, perhaps you have too many “requests” already…however, I am interested in a trial playtest, keep me in mind.

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