Where do i get all original textures

I was wondering where i get all the textures from Half life 2, i cant find any addon with it.
also how do i recover a lost password for an account for Garrysmod.org?


Shouldn’t you have them all already?


Unless you mean the raw files, which you can extract using GCFScape

i have most, but not the checkered texture or destroyed building texture, like what i mean is if you type in “debris” on Garrysmod.org you’ll get Hazle Tien’s Debris building, i remember having those, but after starting to play on g-mod agian i cant find them or the mods, and i forgot my password to that account lol

I’m unsure of what you’re saying. You need the original materials from half-life 2, as in you need the ones that come with the game? You should have them, just open them up with GCFScape like CoolCorky said. As for the password, you can’t. I don’t believe so at least.
You can download GCFScape here.

So you mean you have missing textures when you’re playing Gmod (as in the purple and black squares are showing up everywhere)?

And chances are you re-installed Gmod at some point, which would have deleted the addon.