Where do I get Warmelons?

I heard of this gamemode a long time ago, but then I forgot about it for a year. Recently, I remembered that it existed while attaching a turret and thrusters to a watermelon, but I forgot the name. Today, I found a thread with the name, and I’ve unsuccessfully searched for a download. Help me out, please.

Also, in case I’m wrong, I think that Warmelons is a gamemode where you spawn melons and you can attach them to ships and they have AI+turrets and try to destroy other ships. I might be wrong, like I said.

I thought you got Warmelons at the store.

Here’s the latest actual release. I’ve added a lot of new things to the Warmelons since then, but I’m just trying to find the right point to release a new version.

Great, thanks. I tried searching on Google and Gmod.org, but all I could find were maps and videos.