Where do I go to buy this game?


You cannot buy it right now, but later you will be able to :slight_smile:

Read sticky first mate :wink:

you can’t buy it right now you gotta get a beta key which is hard but there is 3 ways, draw a picture for it, be a gold member and go on the forums where garry posts the keys, or get it from a youtuber that livestreams

Life has no meaning now… v.v

Suppose I should start looking into that though, thanks for answering, and sorry, next time I will read the sticky.

No problem, you just joined the forum :slight_smile:

So, I suppose my next question now would be how do I get the gold membership?

I believe Gold Membership isn’t available any more, for the time being.
So many people got it after the news that you could get an Alpha Key if you’re a Gold Member :slight_smile:

**[You can’t. They removed gold member from the shop.



Garry, you’re really kicking me in the nuts here…well time to see if I can still draw for shit and put that up into the contest.

Good luck, hope you win!

Well… He didn’t.

what the fuck do you mean? it takes a while to win you idiot they are not fucking robots who check every time a new post is made they take time