where do i play? (prealpha player)

you used to go to playrust.com login and click play and it would load from the browser. where do you play now?


do i have to buy it now?

Alpha is for sale, I am sure you may have to if you never have.

i had it waaaayyyy back when they had a drawing contest and only gave away keys.

Hmm if you still have the Key may try to put it into Steam. That is Waaaaaayyyyyy before my time.

i dont even know where to do that, lol. i,m not familiar with steam

hahaha not around Steam at the moment, but open it up and up top click on games? Add game?? Use key? Don’t know if it will work, someone else should chime in that knows more about pre-alpha players

Log into old.playrust.com. Upon successfully logging in, there should be a Steam Key option. Click it and copy the key. Boot up Steam, select “Add game” and enter the key you got from the previous step.

EDIT: For the curious, this only works if you had an account prior to Rust being added to Steam as you needed to log into the old Rust site to access the game. I had to add this part so people don’t assume they can just use a non existent log in to get Rust for free. You’d be surprised at some people.

hahahah people no longer surprise me, it is really a shame…

thannnnnnnk you steakstyles :slight_smile: