Where do I post suggestions?

Because I feel like if I post them here, it will just get pushed down by a billion other threads about everything and nobody will see it.

There should be a section just for suggestions, either a thread, or a sub-forum or something. Separate General Discussion from Tech Support from Suggestions at least.

where else ? :pwn:

They just kind of pop up, for now you can just post them in their own thread here in the rust subforum…

You don’t post suggestions.

Suggestions along with the rating system allows devs to figure out what people want…

At this point, suggestions aren’t going to be considered/seen. I honestly feel all these suggestion threads are a waste of time. It’s clogging the forums on top of all the other shitty threads.

As the game progresses and the important bugs/glitches are fixed and the important additions are implemented, I can see the devs looking to the player base for ideas. A sub forum for suggestions should be made.

The game is in Alpha. Alpha stage is for getting the game put together so it works correctly. Beta stage / release is more for molding the game into what is really desired.

It’s too early right now.

Like maps, compasses, and other dumb shit.

ive been wondering same thing. there should me a sticky thread. maybe this should be it.

heres my simplest and best suggestion so far: make doors combo locking, so players can share their lock code with friendlies, rather than the status quo where the only player that can open a door to a shared base, is the one who originally placed it.


Have you not seen the trello.

This is already planned. Check the Trello: https://trello.com/b/lG8jtz6v/rust

I agree with u. The problem is atm u can’t find the suggestions threads, ppl always post the same suggestions each in a new threads, the devs have to read about 15 threads, with about 3 same ideas, alot of cowpoop or just not well thought points, 1 brilliant idea which nobody could see, cause some ppl just didnt like 1 point of a whole list of suggestions.
I’m reading through the forum since a few days, i’ve read the “community speaks” thread, and maybe there should be a whole wall managed by a few ppl who also read through the forum, with a point for every idea. So ppl who wanna post a suggestion, first can read what the community wants, also the ideas the community doesnt want. (so nobody reposts a downvoted idea)

sry for my terrible english -.-"