where do i put my add-ons

Ive sussed out maps i just need to know where to put guns, props and vehicals.thanks

in the addons folder :downs:


Make sure there’s an info.txt in each folder, so if I had an addon called “Water”, it should look like \addons\water\info.txt

If there’s no info.txt, it’s not an addon, in which case the folders in the folder should be placed inside \garrysmod\

yeah, so if I had a folder named “Guns” and there’s folders inside called “materials” and “models” and “scripts”, just drag those into the garrysmod/garrysmod folder and click “yes to all” if it asks to overwrite. (It doesn’t replace the folder, it just replaces any file in the folder that have the same name.)

Start menu, Computer, Local Disk C (C:), Program Files, Wherever your steam directory is (usually a folder called Steam, unless you specified otherwise), Steamapps, your account name, garrysmod, garrys mod, then, there should be a folder called “addons”, and if there’s not, then just make one, and put your addon in there.

Actually, I know jus tteh tink for you people. Me and my friend have just relased a program to do this for you :smiley:
The thread is here:
And the File Link
Please Comment on anny improvemenst we can make. This is only the secound version but it has most the major addons, and we can add mroe upon request.