Where do i put player models?

I have the latest version of GMOD so im not sure if its actually gmod or 11 or 10.
(The background loads up with a player holding the tools wep and the grav wep and crows are around him)

But i tried putting in some mw2 player models set just in addon folder and it wouldnt appear, and i even added the LUA file from the mw2 folder into the main LUA folder.

And i tried even DLing some CS player model packs just to see if it was that, But all of the npc stuff in the CS pack work its just that i cant figure out how to get the player models going.

(i like playing gmod in 3rd person alot)

Can you provide a link to the player model?

Modern Warfare players V2

Problem solved,

-Created models folder, Then added the same folder in the materials folder.