Where do I put the downloaded content?

I just downloaded a model (the first I download), but I still have no idea where to put all the files in order to select from my ‘q’ menu and use it, and don’t know if every file goes together in one place or they all go into different destinations. Could anyone explain, prefferibly in the less-complicated way possible, how does it go like?

Hope this isn’t a frequently asked question to which there are plenty of topics about already.

Well, seeing how you said that you downloaded a “Model”, I would assume you got a new Prop pack. If it didn’t include a readme or anything, check to see if there’s something named “info.txt” in the main folder, after you extract the .zip into anywhere you want. If there is, then ou probably will just have to move the folder that you extracted to C:/Program Files/Steam/steamApps/USERNAME/garrysmod/garrysmod/addons. USERNAME changed into your Steam Username.

Well, nope, “info.txt” was nowhere to be seen, and just placed the folder on addons, extracted from the .zip without any changes on it’s content, but doesn’t seem to appear anywhere. How do I find a newly added model on my ‘q’ menu?

Appear anywhere in the addons folder? :S Did you look through the whole folder?

You mean the model? Well, I see no ‘addons’ folder on my menu, never appeared since I purchased Gmod. :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean, in the garrysmod/garrysmod/addons directory.

Well, there’s the day-of-defeat, derma and SourceRecorder folders with their files but nothing else. I extracted the untouched folder from the .zip and that’s the step I’m still yet to figure.

EDIT: I finally figured out. So I just gotta put the folders on ‘addons’ (tried with a different model). Seems like there’s still a problem with that model in particular but I’ll figure that out another time.

Thanks a lot!

Kay. :slight_smile: