Where do I report a potential bug in game ?


I have been having a problem ever since running the game over the past couple of weeks. So far on different characters on different servers I have created around 10 foundation units, have attempted to position them in varying locations but upon clicking once the base has turned green to show the area is good to place the item, the foundation disappears and there is nothing to build on.

At first I thought I was doing something wrong but I have seen a building guide and also seen a screen shot of said foundation and I can honestly say it has never worked for me.

Can anyone help here or point me in the direction of getting support/reporting a bug ?

Many thanks.

try logging into a sever like the ones described in this thread: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1374004

There you should be able to instantly acquire a large number of building materials and attempt to place foundations to your hearts desire and discover whether or not your bug will always consume a foundation without placing it, or if this phenomenon is just some rare glitch you can’t reliably reproduce. Also you might try to verify your game cache (properties->local files) and see if this has any affect on the issue, a corrupt file might potentially cause the foundation you’ve placed to be invisible to you.

Thanks for the post :slight_smile:

The breaking foundations is a current bug. It can be temporarily solved by restarting the server, but it only fixes it for a short time.

I’m sure it will be addressed by the devs soon.