Where do I start?

I want to start making stuff in LUA, such as weapons. Where do I start? Do I use notepad? How do I do stuff??? I have tutorials on Garrysmod.com, but I just have no clue where to even start. And what order do I script them in? Sorry I am VERY new. Thanks in advance.

(I think are the right links)

Go there. Familiarize yourself with lua. Look at other scripters’ stuff.

Try the wiki.

Use notepad++, it’s never failed me. However if you really want, you can use notepad - it’s just a terrible coding environment.

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For starters use Notepad++.

I would then go and print out all the pages in the Lua documentation, or save it to a folder, become familiar with it. If you have a external HDD I would put save all of the pages on there onto your external hdd. It will take up about half a gig.

If you want to PM me I will upload all of it so you don’t have to Ctrl + S every page.

Or read the stickys.

Or read the OP post date

Was talking to all the people posting in here already with links already covered in the sticky.

If you know how to code a different language already, I recommend just going to garrysmod.org, downloading random stuff and analyze the code, then go to http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Lua_Tutorial_Series

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