Where do the files downloaded from servers go?

When I connect to a server and I download needed files, it says they are downloaded permanently. Where are they stored?
I’d look myself but I’m on a new computer and I haven’t connected to any servers yet.
Also, if I join a server with the same files as a previous one I’ve connected to, do I get copies of these files or is there protection against redundancy?
For example, I want to join a spacebuild server. If I join one with SBMP and LifeSupport 2 or 3 or w/e, will I need to DL these again for a similar server?
I guess I never tested this myself…


I’d assume they go to your garrysmod folder.

They are stored in your garrysmod folder, if they are on the server in the models folder, they will be in your models folder, etc… So no you will not have to re-download the same files over and over again. You will however have to re-download the lua cache.

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Thanks much, very helpful!
I bet my old Gmod folder must be huge lol


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