Where do the server lua's go?

Im wondering where the lua’s go for when you join a gmod server does it go in with all the others or is it in a special spot?

When it’s actually being used, it is located in memory (RAM). The game also cashes it in a compressed form on disk.

Is it possible for me to locate it?

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No, you can’t steal other server’s code. Sorry.

Also this is the wrong section. I’d say enjoy your ban for posting in the wrong section but the reigning mod rarely bans people despite the sticky at the top of this section stating “YOU WILL BE BANNED”

(Hi sarge, I seeee you)

I have no idea what section this is supposed to go in because I don’t really know what OP is saying

(Also as for the sticky thing, I did notice that and have been debating whether I’m being a bit too lenient with people)

In memory? I doubt it. You could hook the function that runs the lua (assuming you know how to reverse engineer) or you can download a program that dumps gmod’s cache (I believe Handsome Matt has one he posted on facepunch). If you want to do it manually, the cache is compressed with LMZA. Remove the first 4 bytes from the file with a hex editor or notepad (first 4 characters), and then decompress.

Yes you are being too lenient. Sticky implies “you do this shit, you get banned”.

This guy did this shit (it’s a “HALP ME” thread) so he should be banned. Plus, he’s most likely wanting to hack his way into a server to steal addons.

He didn’t ask for help at all in this thread. I don’t really see how this is worth banning over. Also, we really have no proof as to what this person wants to know about this stuff for. He might just be a curious person like me.

^ That is the epitome of a “halp me” post. It is the type of thing that belongs in the Help & Support section.

And again, read the title of the sticky at the top of this section:

Again, this is a “help” thread. He’s looking for help in locating LUA scripts from a server when you join a server. To me, that sounds like “where does gmod store lua scripts from addons a server uses. i totally don’t want to steal someone’s private addons”.

How is asking a question about gmod’s internal working a question for help and support? Read over exactly what he posted. He didn’t once ask anyone to help him locate the Lua; I posted how to do it because I wanted to fully answer any further curiosity he might have. Even if he did, that’s not really a support-related question.

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