Where do you Find the Blood Used in Half life 2?

Like the Puddles of Blood, The Blood Smears, that Stuff, Not the Blood you Get when you Shoot Somebody. Not the Paint Tool, Just the Blood That You dont Get when you Shoot somebody, Its Hard for me to Explain, But Im Trying to do the Best.

It’s a decal. What exactly are you looking for? The material file, or how to spray it?

It’s in the GCF.

To Spray It, I Don’t Make maps, But I Want to Spray it Like, for Example, I’m Ragdoll Posing and I want to Put the Blood Smear. And you Get the Picture.




Oh, I thought you meant where’s the file. Pull out the “Paint” tool and choose “blood”.

No no, Not that Blood, I mean Like the Blood Smears, and the Puddles of Blood, That you See in Half life 2 and L4D, I dont Mean the Paint tool, and I dont Mean the Blood you Get when you Shoot Somebody.

I believe those are Hammer decals, correct me if i’m wrong. Those (possibly) can’t be ported for use ingame.

Aww Crap, Because I dont Know How to Use Hammer.

Oh, I don’t think you’ll be able to ‘spray’ that. It’s a decal, so you’ll only be able to spray it if someone makes a decal tool. There’s another way I believe but it would take a while to explain. (With text anyway)


They can be ported, but I don’t think you’ll be able to spray it with the paint tool.

So I have to Go to Hammer (that I dont know how to Operate) And Make a Map With those Decals? I did want to Learn how to Make Maps. But Since I Dont know, Im kinda Screwed.