Where do you get your reference images from

When ever I google for lets say a head or something, and I go to results I can never find a front and side view of that. Same goes for props weapons etc, so I was wondering where you guys get your reference images from. I know there are a couple of sites, but the ones I’ve found so far are almost all subscription.

Fewes helped me out with this; if you want reference images for weapons, don’t search for “shotgun” or “machine gun”, search for specific models.

For heads, I’d suggest searching for stuff like “Simon Cowell front view”, “Simon Cowell profile view” etc.

Also, after doing a standard google image search, add


to the end of the URL. It makes it only show images of people.

Thanks, that a pretty usefull tip. However I’m still having trouble getting the front perspective of guns, even if I google for a specific one. Do you know a solution for this?

Try this site: http://www.pixagogo.com/DeicideNBF

Sometimes you won’t find the references you want, unless you take the photos yourself, sometimes you have to use common photos and try to replicate as good as possible.

Thanks alot! That site is great!

Yeah, I made a picture of myself and am currently working on it.