Where do you go from here?

So i have read all the gmod wiki tutorials and i do know quite a bit of the programming language python. Ive made a few sweps and customized some stools but as far as modding goes, I’m stubbed. How do people learn to make mods? If I gave an example like dimemberment mod I know that is out of my grasp but where can I start learning modding or am I just doing it wrong :L

I would really appreciate some help :slight_smile: Thanks

Well for one a mod is a LUA script or LUA scripts.

State the obvious?

I’d pick one of the simple addons and see how it works, maybe even the ones included with the game, read up on the functions it’s using and then try and modify it, after a few of those it should start to make more sense and even get a little easier.

Well. Here’s the Gmod’s function library: http://wiki.garrysmod.com . Just look at other people code, you’ll get the hang of how things operate.

There’s a number of ways you can start attempting to utilise and put into practise your knowledge; it can be from simple script editing to see what results you get when trying something, or to something more full blown such as attempting to write an admin mod or an inventory or other similar examples.

Yea ive gone through the stools and read them, i made a stool thats primary is a turret and secondary is an ignitor with some minor changes. How did you guys get to learn lua modding?

And freemmaann that link took me to the gmod wiki homepage :L

That’s how I’m reteaching myself. Lots of that.

This morning, for instance:

Click this like a thousand times and read every page you are randomly put on.


And thanks alot guys :smiley:

Hey, in a lot of programming, the best way to start is start difficult. While this may not apply to Gmod lua, plan and embark on a large project. While the project may not be of great quality, and you may be discouraged to quit, you will encounter many problems that will provide many learning experiences.

I started with vgui and Hud, that is easiest to me. But eventually you will find the thing you can do perfect.