Where exactly is the missing texture.... texture in the files

I’m guessing it’ll be in the same folder for every game. I just wanted to get that magenta/black checkerboard texture and use it for other things.

I’m pretty sure you’d have to create it yourself, take a raw Black & White chessboard/checkerboard/finish flag, import it into a texture-editing program like Paint, GIMP, Photoshop whatever and replace the white with that purple. Quite easy, right?

eh, i suppose so, but it has to be somewhere, right?

Nope, there’s no texture with… Hold on a moment, there IS a texture for the purple & black chessboard after all! Its directory is “Debug/debugempty”. I guess you won’t need to re-create the texture after all

Share this knowledge, good friend - the potential this has…

thanks, mah boi