Where has the community gone | <Please make a U-Turn where possible>

In the past you used to launch Garry’s mod and immediately you knew exactly which community did what you would go there no questions asked. Over time now this seems to not be the case, the old communities seem to have either fallen away or are starting to collapse.

A lot of people will say roleplay has taken over everyone interests and the “kids” have taken control but really why has everything in a garry’s mod community started to revolve around donations. Why is there never a server that just gives you everything, why must you buy all these extra things, can you really call it a donation when you only do it so you can actually play the game unrestricted. There must be some people out there that use there own hard earned cash to run a community.

I do feel that since garrysmod.com has gone through its changes i feel i am less informed as to whats going on in the community and to be honest i really never understand why it had to change. I do sometimes think facepunch being facepunch doesn’t help and it only ever seems to get used to argue or ask for help which you will never get.

Tl;dr - Commence discussion on why communities are lasting 25 seconds people are ddosing each other nobody knows whats what and why people are generally miss or un informed about anything gmod related.

Still kids. Kids can’t earn money you know.

Actually, a lot of people run the communities with their ‘hard earned money’, it’s just that donations lift the weight off and mostly they bring more than actually needed to host the required servers.

If they do they don’t make the effort to say.

Your point on donations however is very true but at what point can you say its all going towars the upkeep and not being pocketed.

So your saying you want to play on a server, get all the perks but not help the server acually survive?

I run a community. There’s perks that are only for Donators, but regular’s can also get most of these.
Its not cheap to run several servers, and donations just help out so I’m not having to pay for everything?

As to why communitys are dyeing? Skiddies like to DDoS any server that is in competition to them, or they get banned from for hacking. For example, I was DDoSed from another community that I thought were friendly, We did absolutely nothing to them, and that other community was run by 15 year old’s. and the other community servers I used to play on had similar problems, I got through it, at the time, they couldn’t for one reason or another.