Where have all the players gone?

Just loaded Rust up after a week or so, and cant find any players on the servers apart from 3 servers. So I joined one and then for some reason the server boots my off, then I cant see any servers that have players apart from a test server. Anyone else having issues?

are you talking about legacy? Because the experimental is where most the players are at now i believe.

No Experimental which has just updated, but im guessing the server admins have rest as well?

If you check the other 20 threads about players, you would know that the servers are going under some type of attack where it prevents players from joining the server. Changing the server port is a temporary fix. The latest update didn’t fix this exploit either.

Yea also you were looking for a lot of players at 7 AM PST on a Saturday morning.

Not sure where you got the the 20 threads from, as in fact there is one other thread that refers to full servers! And only know is it mentioned that thread about the attack.

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Are you being serious??? Please look at the flag under my name and you can see im in the UK, so at around 4pm there a number of servers with a fair few playing on them. Also if you had read the first post I said there are no players, no matter what time of day it i someone is plying.