Where have i gone wrong?

I’m having troubles with a SWEP even showing up, problem is i can’t detect the problem because there is absolutely NO console errors involving my weapon, and i rather not show the lua text because it’s a secret project. Has anybody experienced this before, what do i do? It uses mad cows swep base too, in case that has to do with anything.

I don’t know why but all our magic orbs broke, so we cannot mentally see what your problem is. So either tell us what is wrong or don’t tell us anthing at all. And no, SWEPS magically disappearing without popping an error, never seen that case before.

Whats wrong is that it won’t show up in the weapons list. There is no console error to be found, there is a info file, and everything that is needed. I’m quite sure there isn’t a error in the console, because i checked 3 times, but if you want me to post my whole console on start and let you find it be my guest.

It may be in the wrong place in the file structure, double check everything.

If you don’t post your code, you don’t get help. We should be more strict on that.

Yes and as soon we tell them to not make a thread, the mods are on OUR back banning us.

bump, still not posting code, because there are NO errors in it

Post the content of your info.txt.

“name” “Custom rifle”
“version” “1”
“up_date” “When it’s done”
“author_name” “Wombo”
“author_email” “Wombo194@comcast.net
“author_url” “www.wombosstuff.webs.com
“info” “12 guns in one”
“override” “0”

Should be fine right, also don’t judge the name by its name

So we can’t see the code because you don’t want us to know what it is… Yet you’ll post an info.txt telling us exactly what it is?

What else am I to judge a name by? Anyway if you don’t have it yet get this here awesome addon :


It will help you a ton when developing and in this particular case will allow you to see if your weapon is being loaded. You should also use **[lua_openscript

http://wiki.garrysmod.com/favicon.ico](wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=lua_openscript)** to directly run the files of your SWEP and see if it comes up with anything funny.