Where i can buy keys ?

I want to buy 1!

(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the sticky/crap thread" - postal))

Learn to read,that would answer your Questions

just wait for it, till steam will release rust :wink:

This is not a weird question, as the link in the FAQ (http://playrustwiki.com/wiki/Frequently_Asked_Alpha_Questions#Where_can_I_get_a_key.3F) actually produces a 404:

Where can I get a key?
You are able to purchase early-access Rust Steam keys at their website.
http://playrust.com/buy/ <— dead link

I myself find it hard too to find reliable info on the release of this game. I don’t want to dig through forums. I don’t mind reading a FAQ, but when even that fails it gets a bit unfriendly.

I’ve read about a Steam alpha release (wasn’t that said to be today, yet no word on it on the frontpage) and I’ll wait for that.

Playrust.com go there and read.

Huh? Doesn’t produce 404 for me. Let me know if that issue doesn’t stop for you.
The steam-golive is today. Time unknown.

Why are these posts still popping up? I thought everyone who remotely follows the Rust website would see the big ole date right on the home page indicating Steam release.