Where i can find older versions of rust experimental?

Ideally I’m looking for Update 20.10.2014 - 18.11.2014. But i dunno - Can Facepunch provide this opportunity? I want to open an older version of the server. So I beg you to give the opportunity to play on the versions - Update 20.10.2014 - 18.11.2014.

you can’t. they haven’t ever made previous versions available, and it seems regressive to offer it.

why do you want that particular version anyway?

Just because I’ve heard from many people that they find more fun to play on the older version.
I remember - it’s and early access - i’m alpha tester, but just for fun i and other people want to play older experimental. But if I’m going to play in an older version that does not mean that I will not test a new, I also will continue to help the community. I’m just eager to play in the transitional version where Bolt Rifle make real gun sound.

You’d need an old version of the client, as well, and the devs have no reason to offer tons of old versions.

I know. But back to legacy idea is not regressive?

that’s an almost different game that was played for over a year so that’s why it’s kept, making different version for experimental would lower the amount of testers in the new ones and would make a mess of it so it’s good that it’s kept only at the latest version. I really don’t see what was fun in the older experimental version, it had some of the things this version has now but less content and less polished or are you looking for some gamma night or something?

Legacy is the last version of the old development effort.

That’s not the same as keeping the update from 3 weeks ago around in case anyone wants to play it.

I looking for different system. Not jerkoff on radtowns for C4, not physic constantly crash, not fuckin private cupboards and other killing fun stuff. I think Rust will be more realistic and REAL RAGEWILD game for FUN. And before - people used their brains that would build their houses. Idea with C4 and weapons from future - outlived.

C4s were used in legacy all the time, the only reason they weren’t in experimental before was because they didn’t focus on them. Make your own private server if you just want to build, send material to yourself and build your dream castle. Raiding is half the fun for most people in Rust.

What you talkin about? I hate c4 in experimental. I don’t need fuckin castle. i talk about - IN OLDER VERSIONS RAIDS BE MORE INTERESTING BECAUSE PEOPLE BUILD SMART HOUSES - not just boxses 4x4

calm your tits man
C4 was the same before too so you hated it in legacy as well I suppose. You liked the no C4 version because buildings looked more beautiful because people weren’t afraid of someone breaking in, I guess that’s what you mean. And you can build “smart” houses too with c4s up, you just gotta be smart in building them, the blocks usually are bad especially a 4x4 you can collapse with a few c4s at the foundations.

Please leave this thread

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You’re not making any sense so that’s why I participate .

Sounds like to me he is looking for the build before cupboards where everyone was griefed,but we all know THAT won’t happen.
But really, I can’t make this out.
He declares people in radtowns as (if I’m getting this right) “Jerkoff’s”
I’m guessing he played during a point in time when there were constant crashes
He likes killing? er, he doesn’t like killing
hmm a “RAGEWILD” game, confusing adolescent terminology.
And I am guessing that he really doesn’t like explosives.

Man…it does kind of have a familiarity to it but it’s not Rust.
I think…
I think it’s called…

Minecraft - it’s what i watch in rust now - so much stuff without logic and have too much problems
before admins realy have a work, but now - they sits on ass and wait half year when one cheater accidentally enter on serv
> adolescent terminology - pls stop demagoguery about ages

everything after elix’s second post has just confused me.

as said, there is no prior version available, and no real reason for them to release one.

legacy was kept initially because the rewrite wasn’t playable, and they decided to keep SOMETHING running while they got it back to baseline, ie a playable state equal to legacy. they’re sort of there now, so it’s possible that they will remove their official server presence etc and shut it down eventually. i kind of hope not (sentimental) but the reality is that all their focus should be on development of new rust, and if that gets in the way, it should go.

are you high man ?
Say clearly what you actually want because everything that’s now is better than what it was before.
The devs can’t understand your requirements if you don’t write them properly like in a list with lines like this


do it, you might have a chance

if you have not noticed - i from Russia, and i have some problems with my skill in eng lang.
I understand what you mean, and later I’ll try to write more correctly

I too miss some of the features of the earlier builds, however buggy or flaky other aspects of that build might have been. Notwithstanding, though, I appreciate being able to participate in the lineage and organic progress of the game as it develops. As you yourself have addressed in this same thread, we are ‘testing’ and providing feedback for the betterment of the unmodified, vanilla iteration of the game during the open-Alpha, and likely the near term Beta release. This is your opportunity to cast your suggestions into the considerations pile using articulate and precise ideas. The better you can clarify and qualify your concepts, the more likely they will get traction from the community and the Devs.

Meanwhile, you may find that hosting a modded-server might offer a lot of the game-play mechanics you are looking for in older releases? You could restrict items (ie. C4) as you desire, and set other gameplay parameters by ‘rules’.
It is quite affordable to lease hosted servers around the globe, and if you get your group to contribute, it’s even less a cost burden.

If you have certain criteria you can clarify succinctly, please make sure to update with those ideas! Invite the naysayers to the party to crap on the ideas - only through this process of shooting holes in ideas can they be made stronger and better (kind of like a building in Rust?).


Mark, just play the legacy version. It plays very well. And, now, even on the official servers, there are few hackers. Some of the modded Oxide servers are very good too.