Where in gods good name are the textures for Gmod stored?

if I run that code, it runs 100% correctly. This must mean that I have the file gui/gradient somewhere on my computer.

that link says that all of them are stored in my materials folder. my materials folder contains two subdirectories:

temp, which contains vmt files wih gibberish names such as 1d876029.vtf

and vgui. which contains only my spray.

I searched the entire gmod directory for “gui”, only three folders come up, and none of them contain any .vmt or .vtf files.

I searched my whole computer and spent over an hour combing the results looking for a file stored somewhere else. I even loaded gmod into a virtual machine with only gmod and the required software installed. The damn texture still loads fine, but there’s not a trace of it anywhere on my computer. Maybe I’m retarded. But dear god where are those files located?

A lot of Gmod stuff is stored in .vpk files, which you can find in Garrysmod/garrysmod. One of them will be called content_dir.vpk or something similar that ends in _dir. Open that up with a program called GCFScape and you’ll have loads more directories/content from the game you can now view.

Custom, GMod specific models/materials/sounds are in the garrysmod.vpk which can be opened with latest GCFScape, the HL2 textures are in vpk files in garrysmod/sourceengine/, the mounted game content is in their vpks in their folders in steamapps/common/.

Thank you both so much!