Where in the "F" do I play rust?

I posted this in the general forum by mistake so re-posting here.

I bought rust on 2013-10-28 from Facepunch Studios LTD, Concept House, Elmore Court, Elmore Green Road, Walsall, ws3 2qw, GB for $15US

I can no longer connect to http://playrust.com/user/login/ to play rust.

Obviously the rust developers don't give a crap about the people that supported rust before it was available on Steam or Humble Bundle.
Thanks for stealing my money and running with it. Or is there another reason why there is no info at playrust.com or why an email was never
sent informing me of the where or how to play rust?

Either let me connect to the game or refund my monies.

Send a ticket

The information you seek is closer than you think. In fact, you should have seen it before you even posted here, but obviously that’s too much to expect.

I was in the hospital and did not have access to a computer or the ability to operate one if I did. Excuse me for having a life threatening illness.

Yea and how the shit were we supposed to know if you didn’t mention that

Too much to ask that you point me to the info?

U wot m8?

http://old.playrust.com/user/login/ ?

Sorry didn’t realize I had to air all of my life challenges in order to receive a mature response in these forums.

For fuck’s sake, are you incapable of following up on threads you’ve already created? I’ve given you the answer twice.

Thank You Sir you are a scholar and a gentleman.

Literally gave you that info 17 minutes ago.

and you’re a retarded person, maybe attention seeker. One would never say he was in an hospital with a life threatening illness, only people that fish for attention. Making a second thread wasn’t neccessary at all, elixwhitetail already answered your problem in the previous thread. Ignorant people…

And what the fuck does “F” mean?

Wow, that’s just kind of unnecessary. OP is an idiot who doesn’t know how FP works, fine, but there’s no need to go in swinging. Especially when you’re being thanked.

You’re calling him a retard. He’s not the ignorant one.

Opening the thread with a rant, then expects mature responses. Priceless.