where is a good place to advertise your server?

im trying to find a place where i could draw some traffic to friends server, but i can’t think of any good place to search for. Do any of you know of any good places i could advertise the server?

Totally not servers as you will be banned.
I’d advise uhhh… Steam community? But you can get some minges.
Duh, honestly don’t know.

I honestly don’t know anyone who looks for gmod servers outside of the server list.

Your best bet is getting as many friends on as possible and get them to get their friends on. Once you hit a good 10-15 players, you will get randoms joining. As long as the server is a fun experience for them, they will stay.

I was also concerned with this. But it seems the friend method works the best. Just get a bunch of friends you can TRUST and have them invite people… Don’t want people trying to exploit you like I experienced. :alien:

I haven’t had the need to advertise my servers.
I was at first, wanted somewhere to advertise them, used Gametracker and the likes, but it didn’t seem to really work.

Instead, i started playing on the server with a couple of friends, and, or just simply being on the server, and slowly people started joining the server, and if they liked it they stayed.

A good way of keeping people on is by interacting with them and giving them a rank after playing the first hour or so, thereby rewarding them for being on the server.
This works in the same way, that achievements encourage players to play games, thereby holding folks on your server for longer.

i suggest u take inspiration from suprerior servers, they use bots to increase their player count about 3x that way more people join because their is more people compaired to the other choices.
another way is to use the default map of the gamemode so that players dont see the red name for the map and this way they will want to join the map because it means there wont be a long download
also you should use [fastdl] in the server name by using workshop downloads to make the server more unique with addons
the last way which is harder is to make your server better than the existing servers of the same gamemode, this may be difficult because it requires effort and intelligence which is lacking in most server owners and gmod players. i suggest using steam discussions page for gmod to hire an experienced developer to create custom weapons such as a one shot kill deagle that is rapid fire, or u can have the developer make custom jobs for roleplay for example antifa protestor job

Advertising your server is futile. People aren’t going to go out of their way and look for servers when there’s a convenient in-game browser.

Youtubers. Get them on your server.