Where is Gmod now?

So, after a very long time away, I’ve decided to come back and get a couple old mods to play with some friends for an upcoming birthday. Workshop’s worked fine for the occasional random night we’ve played for the past couple of years, but nostalgia was on my mind this time. Looking back, I can’t find the old Garrysmod.org, or whatever the exact URL was. Looking back, most of the Gmod forums around here seem to be deleted.

As far as I can tell, there’s no sticky. There’s no explanation. The closest I’ve found was mention of some accidental deletion of the old site at a new .org, deprived of any of the old mods, much the same as the workshop is. Much of the old mods I’ve loved are gone, save a couple left behind on old hard drives.

Not much a complaint, and maybe this is a support request (Not quite sure of that), and I’d hate to ask if it’s in some sticky I’ve missed, but I can’t find it if it exists.

What exactly happened? What’s the history of this? Are all the old mods and all the old posts on the forum gone? Any trace or archive of them, or just gone without recourse? Above any need to find them, I’ve spent a lot of time here and a lot of time on Gmod. More than anything, I just sort of wonder the history of it, what exactly happened.

So really, like the title says, where are we now? What’s the status of the mod, the community, the old mods and the game itself?

Garrysmod.org is gone

The majority of Darkrp/ttt servers rely on buying shit though scriptfoder.com (new coderhire if you ever remembered that)

Also lots of FP subforums were removed and pissed people off

Gmod itself is now maintained by Robotboy and the community

There’s garrysmods.org which has got a big load of stuff from the old site.

Right, that’s where I saw the mention of the “accidental deletion” of the original. Thanks, though. Any story on that?

Well, that about covers the Cliff’s Notes, thanks. What’s the community and Robotboy do, anymore? I can’t imagine there’s much to update or fix on the game itself, so I assume it’s down to further mods.

Why’d they delete all that? I can understand not keeping it running, maybe, but I don’t see how keeping an archive of the old content would have hurt much. Maybe taken a lot of space, but it seems like there’s a lot lost on that.

Here’s the incoming ban though

Someone at Facepunch accidentally deleted the database for garrysmod.org, so a few months later I contacted garry about getting access to all the old files. He agreed, so I developed the new site I made to pull files and images from garry’s files and scrape archive.org for any descriptions and original upload details. It’s worked great and there are now over 55,000+ files that would have been lost back available to download.

Well, damn, that covers that end of it. To say the least, thank you. Even if they were too young to post about it or never came here, I’m sure you ended up cataloging and saving a couple people’s childhoods, at least. There’ll be jerks like me who miss a couple player models or whatever, but the majority of what I’ve looked for is here, so great job, man. Thank you.

Anything else on the rest? Just about covers it.

https://lab.facepunch.com/ lets you search posts from up to 2005 if I remember rightly.