Where is gms_stargate_v5b?

I cannot seem to find this stupid map I’ve been looking all over for. If someone could help me find a download for it,I’d let you have a mere six of my children.

I wouldn’t be surprised you haven’t found it, this map is exclusive to the Gman4President Stargate Stranded server.

It is not supposed to be uploaded anywhere except for our server, if you find a link to it somewhere, let us know so we can get it taken down.

I need the map just to download it,it says I am missing the map when I try to hop on that server

Isn’t it a bit stupid that the server is the only place you can get the map?
At least get some website and allow it to be uploaded there? Like the servers/gamemodes website

yea Zyx is riight thats retarded saying you have to download it from your groups site make some file front links