Where is Linux?

Where is it?


Here. I thought it used to say “For OSX/Linux”. Oh well. Garry’s Mod “works” on Linux, bottom line.

It’s missing…

Maybe they’re embarrassed to clarify this because awesomium sucks on Linux. Half of the main menu simply doesn’t work. kk

If there’s problems, you can always report them in the Next Update thread. I’m sure the people there would be more than willing to help you, provided it’s a game bug, and not a problem on your end.

Ty 4 the link, I’m reading the comments etc =3

This error that I’m talking about is a very well known one:

Affects all Linux distros, but has a workaround.

On the steam store page it doesn’t say anything about linux support…

But it does work. Just really buggy when it comes to mounting games. But it does work.

Garry left GMod pretty much when he finished up Linux support so it didn’t get a proper release and thus is missing from the Steam store and website.

Honestly, I only have problems with the menu.
I have no idea why no one announces the game right anywhere…
(and it’s one of the bestselling games of Linux)

One year and two months later, as a Linux enthusiastic, I just want to say “Thanks”.