Where Is My Fire Skin?

When i try igniting something it only shows the smoke but no fire? if sum1 could give me a solution to this then i would be greatful.

What graphics card do you have?

im on a laptop, do you think it might have something to do with that? Cuz laptops dont have graphics cards do they?

Every pc has a graphics card or it wouldn’t run, same goes for laptops/notebooks. The only bad side effect is, that notebooks may have a really bad graphisc card, since they are onboard.

I have ATI radeon 1200 and I can’t see fire period, is there a way to use a fire skin for it, or get it some other way?

Did you fuck around with some vmf’s?

New fire doesn’t render on DX7 cards because they are no longer supported by Valve.

HiddentMyst you might have a point, im getting a PC instead of a laptop soon and icy penguin i didnt even go to the vmf folders.

Did you download some fire particle files?

Did you ignite/burn your laptop?

i havnt done anything i havnt done anything to do with igniting/burning/downloading anything to do with fire onto my laptop. Its been like that when i first got garrys mod, i only realised i didnt have the actual flames when i saw them on a vid on youtube.

I WAS able to see fire but it’s been recently that I can’t anymore and I’m tried of having to pay just to get a little update for a driver I mean seriously… anyway dunno what else.

Same happened to me, i also couldn’t see any particle effects. But it somehow fixed itself.