Where is my mind

Uh, i know looks kinda crappy [yes im turned negatively] but wanna know your opinion.


Good pose, great movie, but the smoke looks quite obviously pasted, next time darken the smoke and make it more transparent, what’s on top of his head? The gun is floating above the ground and there’s two sets of shadows, use the command r_shadowcolor 255 255 255 to get rid of the default shadows.

I did, i turned off default valve shadows, but unfortunately these blue shadows were from lamp what was behind windows.

All over the floor about three feet from you

PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!! Oh my…Oh my Gaw-BWAHHAHAHAHAHA…Every time man…every time. Phew. Good pic, amazing movie. Listen to what Ghost said about the smoke. Also, he seems pretty dead, rather than alive and wounded.

I thought he was doing Michael Jackson’s crotch dance

He is like dead there, actually he killed himself in that picture - not like in movie just Brad Pitt. Here Edvard is dead

Oh. Damn.

It’s very nice, I like the concept of it, But the smoke could be a wee bit better.