Where is my Mind?

Hi, guys! I want to show you a video I made recent. It’s a clip on ‘Pixies - Where Is My Mind?’ song which is Fight Club’s OST.

Wow, That was nice. This song even made the “funny” parts deep and depressing.

That was pretty great. The guy’s expression when the fish starts talking to him at about 1:32 or so is priceless, I was cracking up at that. But why is he in Haiti? I really liked the part where you zoomed from the earth to the moon, did you use the moving camera tool for that?

Anyway, you’re clearly talented and this is a great first video. Good job.

Ragdoll posing could have been a little better, other than that it was cool

Thanks for your comments!

‘I was swimming in the Caribbean…’

Yes, I used Catmull-Rom Camera tool and Google Earth for that part.

Normally I would say “Pose better” but for some reason i think that would actually make it worse.


Decent music video. :=D

I liked it.

1:56 to 2:15 I was amazed.

also, you kinda sent me for a ride at the beginning, when i saw the color changing effect and the old film grain effect i thought “oh man this is just gonna be another crappy WMM video” and then the buildings flashed and fell down, i totally didn’t see it coming.

Great video.

wow this video is good. it has some unique effects such as the planet zooming and such. Infact most things are quite original and unique such as the ideas.

Great work.

Thanks again!

Yeah, I haven’t made good posing because I wanted this to be like some kind of trash video with psychedelic scenes.

I don’t remeber what effects WMM has :smiley: This effect was done with AE plugin imported to PremierPro.

I enjoyed it thoroughly.

pretty frikin epic man, very nice and entertaining

Amazing. I wish I could make videos as epic as you!

Planet zooming was cool. Aside from that the posing / editing really kind of hurt it. Your visual effects were pretty neat though.