Where is PvP headed, will there be more improvement on it?

Hello lovely Facepunch forums.

I’ve been enjoying Rust a lot more lately, specifically because of maps being more exciting and I want to applaud the dev team for their efforts and rapid progress, you’re awesome.

One of the things I feel like right now isn’t fun for me in Rust though is the PVP. Combat isn’t that fun for me right now, I have a tough time explaining why exactly but I’ll try. The balance of bullet drop/sway feel odd, it feels like it’s a bit much for some guns. I’d also love a tiny bit of feedback when I get a hit off, doesn’t have to be a hitmarker necessarily but a visible bloodsplat would be nice, right now it’s really hard to tell whether you’re hitting anything at all unless you see bodies drop down and die.
Feel free to disagree here!

I know this is a low priority but me and a lot of friends and players from the Legacy community have been wondering where PVP is headed, main reason for it being that combat is kind of what kept Legacy fun and running for so long. I haven’t read too much lately on PVP specifics either. So can anyone enlighten me on this; is PVP finished, is it work in progress right now or is it something that won’t be worked on in the coming month(s) but will be in the future?

Dont know if you get anything informative regarding PVP, people are currently going crazy of raiding, and bases. I personally dont really get fun from farming hours for my next base or c4, I would also like to see improvements to PVP combat.

Nothing is finished. Nothing is balanced. Expect revisions and additions to almost everything over time. As for what those changes are, no clue, we’ll find out at the same time when the devs post about it. :v:

I mean, okay, some stuff probably is finished. Like, maybe the candle hat model is perfect as it is now and the only things that change about it between now and out-of-beta launch are numbers in code about how bright it is and how long it lasts, but I’m talking about major systems like building or combat or biomes/climate.

I’m not a dev, but I’m pretty confident that the dev team intends on putting more work into pretty much every single aspect of the game between now and the Early Access banner coming off.

I’d say one of the biggest problems with PVP right now is a problem thats been around since the start of this new dev branch. That is the stuttering lag. I’m not entirely sure what causes this issue but whenever I enter combat there is a high likelihood that one of these occasional stutters will occur and it essentially makes the outcome of the fight based on who shoots the stuttered player first.

Beside this purely server-client based issue the gun play for this unity game is actually incredibly well done. With that said rust is so much more than just a shooter, the melee combat in this game is not only functional, but very fun and balanced (at the exception of the stutter lag stated above).

Heading into the future what will make rust extraordinarily fun is the unique twist to traditional shooter and survival mechanics. A prime example of this is the beancan grenade. (This items appearance gave me so much hope in the devs) because this sort of weird but situationally functional item will make for combat that is not only new each time but always exciting.

What id really like to see is an expansion of the melee weapons arsenal and even odd but niche weapon classes like that harpoon rifle up on the concept page.

I think pvp is getting very balanced. One of my only complaints is due to the sudden fps drops and rubber-banding. Many times people start shooting and fps drops from 30-40 to 1-5 for a few seconds. I have been playing heavily every patch for months now and I can say that it is noticeably improved every week. Try checking out of piece of the map near the ocean- you’ll see 60+ fps and it feels like a completely different game.

I agree, balance is getting much better. We’ll have to be patient for optimization to kick in and fix the stutter issues.

I also saw a tweet of the developers working on hitmarker sounds so I’m quite happy about that.
Hopefully they’ll look into sway/bullet drop/recoil and all that later as well.