Where is Texas I?

It appears to be the only server that didn’t come back after the update? Just being curious and impatient. If anyone has an idea of what’s going on let me know.

seconded, where’s FacePunch Texas?

Following, Seen other posts that Facepunch servers dont come online for sometimes hours (20 hours in one post).

Yup no texas 1 :frowning: its the best texas. A truly glorious server is no longer here.

Teddy here, That kinda stinks. I’d give it a few days before we start worrying though.

Unexpected loss may be part of the meta game, but official servers disappearing without word is kinda ridiculous…

Yeah, sad to see this is not running. Waited all day for this to start.

I hate to say this but don’t plan on them answering you. Only game I have found where devs and owners answer you is H1Z1. Sucks because I like this game more. Dropped like 400hours last month.

Came here and signed up for an account for this thread.
I normally do not complain about things they change in game. That is totally up to the developers and I am fine with whatever they think is best for the game.
However, Texas 1 is the only server I play on and have all my blueprints for. I would be really unhappy if they just took this server down without notice. Hoping there is just some sort of issue.
I also find it funny there are like 4 Texas servers now and the original is the only one not working.

I know what you mean. Many of us have played the shit out of this server.“Fuck your couch” is all that comes to mind.

I’d also like to know where the Texas I server went and if it’s coming back.

wow, all these 1 post accounts from america opened in october just for this thread!

texas is out drinking, leave him alone.

I’m waiting for this server to come back up as well.

Yes. Ive played all the texas servers and this one has seemed the best, a shame its not popping up. especially how many of us have spent a long time working for our blueprints.

If its not up by the time im home, i might just start fresh.

Ok, so I can respect that, so I went out drinking as well. Got drunk, got in a fight. And I learned I love my girlfriend because apparently just saying “Rust is broken”, was enough of an excuse for her to take care of my drunk ass at 3 A.M. when I showed up at her house. Winning!

This poor server. I wish they’d make up their minds on it. This was the PVE server before it got decommissioned without notice or explanation. Now it’s gone again.

I really wish they’d tell us when they shut down a server. An explanation would be nice but I’d even settle for “Server X is not coming back”. Waiting around for 3 days before giving up and moving on is frustrating.

A few of us Texas I refugees are trialing a community server called Bloodbane.net

Maybe we’ll see you there.

Texas is back up. Same map seed 3 times in a row =/

For some reason you’re really not supposed to mention what servers you play on… unless they are official. I guess its to stop people from ‘advertising’ .

I think its a stupid rule, and would love to be able to locate players via this forum.

anyways, careful mentioning server names, people are ban happy around here.

Ok guys, Facepunch Texas was moved to Facepunch Texas III - Everyone who had blueprints there now has them on Facepunch Texas III, thanks.