Where is Texas III ?


I can’t find the server Texas III for 12 hours over.

There is no Texas IV too.

Updating or something happned?


I am also missing all of the Amsterdam servers, was also wondering what is going on…

Actually all of the EU servers are down… what’s up?

maybe it’s magic? or, or… may it be… ALIENS!!:wideeye:

TexasIII is down again…

http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1488337 i also made a post about this if you guys want to bump it up.

SoftLayer runs the servers…

So we can blame them I guess…

So i just opened 5 chat sessions with a different name and let them know, without a “account ID” they will basically tell you to fuck off.

You’re not their customer, you’re not paying for their services. It’s not their problem if one of their customers doesn’t want to have a server running at any given time, nor is it their problem if one of those servers is running unstable software and crashes (but the hardware itself is fine).

So, yeah, you’re wasting their time. Plus I’m sure they saw you coming from the same IP and knew it was you coming back on different names to waste their time some more.