Where is the batch file for garrys mod?

Trying to remove an IP from it, if anyone can tell me where it is id greatly appreciate it


Remove an IP from what? Bans? A binding for a server?

There is no batch file for Garry’s Mod unless you’ve written one yourself, ie for a server.

Alright ill explain my problem… Whenever i try to join this star wars rp server to play with my friends, it gets stuck on connecting to server with 2 bars. Ive done everything… removed port forwards, reset game cache, i found that when a guy tried connecting to his OWN server it did the same thing and he removed the ip bit from “the batch file” and it worked… I posted this problem a couple days ago and noone responded and I just dont know what to do

you might be on about the server start batch file that you click/ exec to get Scrds started if you set the server up you might have called it scrds.bat or start.bat it’ll be in the folder with Scrds.exe or Scrds.so if its a linux server