Where is the best place to setup a home for Resources/ Red animals?

Title… Can you circle on the map/tell me the location of the single most resource heavy/red animal heavy area to set up camp?

(even if it means tons of players will be there)

Small rad.

Small rad for sure, as long as you don’t get raided you’ll be pretty sound there.

some thing like that near little rad


my map is not perfect but enought for a start.

I’d say Metal valley, kinda hidden.

Next to some mutant animals (on the valley itself, some more on the resource hole next to it, and some others next to barn)… not to mention others further way like radtown.
And close to places with Loot (Small rad, Bunkers, Tanks, Hangar)
Another plus is that you are close to Hacker Valley for some extra resources, metal valley, barn, resource hole, echo… etc…

Resource mountain is a great spot for a small base on smaller servers, you get all the farm of next and radtown valley and are pretty close to small and big radtown.

am i the only one confused about what the radtowns are called?

everyone calls them something different

this is what ive been calling them

furthest north rad= Big rad
radtown with road going through it= split town/split rad
rad with a wall 75% around it and 1 apt building= small rad/south rad

has FP offiacially named these areas? or did the players?

nours77, added few details :slight_smile:

keeftoasty, use rustmap.net like everyone esle. Big, small and factory :slight_smile:

This is by far the most common names I’ve seen them called.

ok thank you guys

I do not know how this town is called exactly, is based on the level of radiation in little rad radiation is low, it is a big rad, radiation are hard

normally little rad town is the one with the road that crosses,
big rad town had a large tower in the center and a small labyrinth wall,
Flat rad have a tank

Then must ask the dev, can you name the town please.

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with picture better, but another name, and civ desert changed