Where is the breakable glass from CS_Office?

In CS_Office there is this beautiful realistic breakable glass.
But the only glass I have (with pheonix too) is this weird glass that shatters into 3 pieces and sets on fire.

It’s not a model, it’s a brush entity (map based)

The cs_office glass is a Hammer entity. I just recommend some wimdow props from cs_militia if you’re looking for breakables

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As the above has mentioned, it’s not a prop. However, you can use a duplicator and copy the glass and spawn it elsewhere if you want. Not sure if it still works, but it did for me some years ago.

Oh…wow that really sucks. That glass is the only realistic glass out of all of them…
Tried duping it, but the duplicated version just magically dissapears once shot, and the cs_militia versions aren’t even close to being as realistic.
Thanks for all the help though.