Where is the code for ttt armor, disguiser, radar etc?

I;m looking for it to see what I can reverse engineer.


I’ve already got access to those files, I need the disguiser primarily

Things such as the disguiser and body armor don’t have their own Lua files, they are implemented differently than most T/D items, look through the core TTT files for EQUIP_DISGUISE, equip_items_shd.lua will help you out lots.

If they dont have lua files, why do they work :v:

cl_disguise in terrortown/gamemode is the derma and cl_targetid does the “Remove name” part.

TTT equipment items work by setting a player’s variable to true or false. You can then check if the player has the item or not by using
if ply:HasEquipmentItem( itemid ) then

This is called in other files to decide on what to do.

I know that, but he asked for the disguiser files.

Sorry, I just assumed you didn’t because

It’s a joke, because Android said they dont have lua files, and it’s just a bit dumb how someone could think of that.

I’m pretty sure he meant they don’t have lua files specifically for them, not that they aren’t included in any lua files at all.

Body Armor-
ln 763

function GM:ScalePlayerDamage(ply, hitgroup, dmginfo)
   if dmginfo:IsBulletDamage() and ply:HasEquipmentItem(EQUIP_ARMOR) then
      -- Body armor nets you a damage reduction.

Yeah well I couldn’t find this anywhere else and where else was I supposed to put it? Make a new thread :v:?
…sorry for trying to help people out lol