Where is the couch at?

I am trying to reskin the couch for half life 2/gmod
I have gone into materials/models and typed in “couch” and “sofa” but can not find them, and not in the furniture folder or props.
Help me out please, where are the couch’s materials located?

materials/models/props_interiors/furniture_couch01a.vtf, furniture_couch02a.vtf
materials/models/props_c17/furniturecouch001a.vtf, furniturecouch002a.vtf

You can find them in common/GarrysMod/sourceengine/hl2_textures.vpk

shit man, you’re always to the rescue.
Thanks a ton man.

BTW If you look at the prop from the q menu, right click on it, then click copy to clipboard, you will get the file path for the prop every time.