Where is the East Coast 3 (Large) server?

Hey, me and my friend were playing on this server today, and it’s gone now. Have they taken down the servers? Or will they be back up. Should I start a new life in a new server, or wait for it to be back?

Me and my friends were setup at East Coast 1. And the servers went down, then came back up, then went down again. I’m getting VERY pissed off, it’s not hard to mitigate DDoS or at the very least change IP’s.

EVERY time I’m close to finishing my base or make ammo. Something fucking happens, server goes down, my shit disappears randomly.

And let’s not even go there about all these dup’ing assholes who have like 250 kevlar everything
virtually unkillable.

BUT, I stuck with GMOD all the way through, I will do the same with Rust

Yeah few of my buds and I made a huge place and legit got to kevlar and M4’s and such and its gone… I really hope they come back up soon.

I was on East coast 2 I believe and it went down last night after some horrible server lag. They still are down. Anybody know if they will back up?

All East Coast servers are still down since like 9 ET last night, not sure why, but most likely just hosting issues. This happened a shit ton when there was only 2 servers total, you’ll just learn to deal with it.