where is the EU server gone off the list

what my title says

Your title says “where is the EU server gone off the list”

its not on the server list

I was about to say that myself but then realised that I’m better than that.

@nathanh, yes, server isn’t showing up on the list right now but the server is up. You’ll have to wait for it to come up again.

im just wandering if one of the devs would answer me to say why it is offline

These things… they take time. I am sure someone will respond when they can. Until then, you can try another server I’m sure. Just like me.

i personally would rather the ‘devs’ work on the game, and avoid answering such mundane questions.

so its the old play, be the lucky one that gets into the server before the login server is going offline.
Having the whole server empty and all ressources for theyre own people can build stupid fast and without risk…

well I crashed when I was in it , you sure not everyone crashed? Or is it actually people in it right now?

no sir you are wrong… kicked every1 out this time my friend died to a zombie when he was running on his screen… i got kicked off :slight_smile: no1 is on the server

Hope that is a inventory/map wipe :slight_smile:

This is off topic, but your profile says you’re 20, your grammar says you’re 5…

Lol, its just funny to go back and look at these old posts.